I have an abundance of rhubarb growing in the garden this year. The freezer is getting full of stewed rhubarb which is a great way to store it but there are other ways to use it. Rhubarb is a great flavour for ice cream providing as it does that little bit of sharpness that you […]

This has been a bumper year for apples and incredibly we have lost very few to wasps or disease. There haven’t even been that many windfalls, most of them are completely unblemished. What to do with so many though? There’s only so much apple crumble one can eat! Well, once you’ve finished stocking up on […]

Our beautiful woodland of the Eastern Valley has been blasted by Larch disease or Phytophthora Ramorum. This is a fungus like pathogen or water mould which spreads by airborne spores in warm damp climates. It is thought to have been exacerbated by wet summers followed by mild winters. Woodlands across the western seaboard of Britain […]

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FESTIVE FOOD WRAPPED UP AT ABERGAVENNY CHRISTMAS FOOD & DRINK FAIR Whether your taste runs to the rare and exotic, the innovative or the traditional the Abergavenny Food and Drink Fair (Sunday 14 December, 10.00am – 5.00pm), has it all in the bag. No more running from…

I have decided to change the title of my blog. It’s not a huge difference but I wasn’t really happy with Eastern Valley Voyager, always thought it sounded a bit pretentious! Trouble was I wanted something that included ‘Eastern Valley’ but most of the titles I came up with were already taken up by other […]

The most popular use for elderflowers at this time of year, is for making elderflower cordial or wine, but how about Turkish Delight! Last year I made it using a recipe on the River Cottage website and it was DIVINE! However it used gelatine and I then discovered that real Turkish Delight doesn’t use gelatine […]

  The bluebells are fading as we head into Summer. Just a couple of weeks ago and the woods were full of scent from these lovely flowers. They have been everywhere this year. Another common flower is the Foxglove and they too, are coming up everywhere this year. They’re all over my garden too but […]

Common Wood Sorrel (genus: oxalis) is another forager’s delight found in deciduous woodland at this time of year. The leaves are heart-shaped trefoils that look a bit like clover and it has a blowsy delicate white flower which closes up in bright sunlight or rain.  It is quite safe to pick and eat as there are no […]

So, it’s Easter weekend and time to stock up on my second batch of wild garlic. Wild garlic is very much in vogue these days and luckily for us, there are acres of the stuff in the woods up the Eastern Valley, especially Lasgarn Wood. Also known as Ransomes and Bear’s Garlic, wild garlic is from […]

Courgettes have to be easily my most prolific produce. The plants themselves seem to grow to enormous proportions as do the fruits in the blink of an eye if you’re not vigilant!! They are extremely good value, as like cucumbers, just one or two plants are all you need for pounds and pounds of veg […]